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Jobs - Mendelson GmbH

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‍You get the chance to become an expert yourself through our experiences and numerous possibilities of improving yourself.

Jobs - Mendelson GmbH


Innovation starts with you and with every single creative mind. Share your ideas and be part of the movement to improve in every aspect of business.

Jobs - Mendelson GmbH


We want to promote your engagement and facilitate your opportunities of education whenever possible.

Jobs - Mendelson GmbH


  • Ideation and development of new automation processes, especially in the areas of insurance & banking.
  • Structuring and managing large scale projects, aswell as leading customer discovery and analysis meetings.
  • Managing a team of developers in order to fullfill a project in the area of RPA or AI.
Jobs - Mendelson GmbH


  • Experience in project management, preferrably with a design thinking/scrum approach.
  • Expertise in developing automation processes with large scale data mass. Candidates with previous big data
  • Analytical Thinking and solution oriented working methods.
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly to new technical environments and projects.

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