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We as a company are characterized by helping our clients to work more efficiently, save time and ROI as soon as possible.

Our strong areas are: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Innovation Management, Business Process Modeling, Project Management, Cloud Transformation and Workplace Transformation.

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Our Mission

We believe in transformation and rapid change. Our aim is to introduce you to state of the art methods, to transform your company to it´s brightest version of the future.

Your Benefits

Career - Mendelson GmbH

Equal Chances

You get the chance to become an expert yourself through our experiences and numerous possibilities of improving yourself.

Career - Mendelson GmbH


We want to promote your engagement and facilitate your opportunities of education whenever possible.

Career - Mendelson GmbH


Innovation starts with you and with every single creative mind. Share your ideas and be part of the movement to improve in every aspect of business.

Career - Mendelson GmbH


We stand in and treat each other like a family with clear values and goals. We are a community of consistent performers and creative minds.

Career - Mendelson GmbH

Project Manager - AI / RPA (m/w)

Lead and coordinate our projects in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Define, document and monitor project milestones and enable a timely delivery of IT concepts and implementations by managing and supporting agile development teams.

Career - Mendelson GmbH

(Pflicht-)Praktikum Robotic Process Automation Engineer (m/w)

Identify individual processes that can be automated Develop of automation solutions for customers Support in carrying out tests at all stages of development