Save 35% of your costs through Robotic Process Automation.

Mendelson & Co. enables companies to save 35% of their costs by implementing Robotic Process Automation.

Our Technologies & Expertise

With the help of automation processes, we achieve the most efficient way of new business solutions. During the project, we accompany our clients by analyzing their problem and developing a scalable solution.

Cloud & Workplace Transformation
Artificial Intelligence
Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation

Solutions for Your Business

Automating SAP through RPA

In order to improve in business management, employees need to be relieved from repetitive and administrative tasks. Through automation processes, there can be a lot of work done in a lot less time. If you’re affected, here is a possible solution…
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Digital Transformation for Banking

By 2019, customers expect the banking industry to be digital: on their phones, computers and even smart watches. However, that is not the only thing that needs to be digitalized and rethought. Digital transformation is the next big thing for banking, but with it there are a lot of challenges ahead…
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Processes & tools for your innovation

In order to create the most efficient solution for your business, we fit our procedures to your
needs. Depending on the case, we will use one or multiple of the following methods to achieve
your goals.

Case Study: Termination of A Liability Insurance

In the legacy environment, all documents need to be investigated before they get public. During this procedure a lot of mistakes can be made. Therefore robots can be implemented as an additional workforce.

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Case Study: Personnel File In HR Software

Administrative work that is done manually, costs a lot of time and effort. For simplifying this process, RPA is a great helper. Personnel files can get inspected and edited by robots to minimize error potential.

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